The school house at Lavangsnes is a cultural meeting point. It houses historical treasures and contemporory art in production and exhibition.


In 1972 the school at Lavangsnes was the smalest school in Norway, with just two pupils. It was closed, when the way to Lavangsnes was build and the children could drive to the communes center, Sjøvegan, by bus. Grendelaget «Skjold» took over the building in the 1980s and since then it was used as meeting point for several social and cultural events. Here we also find a collection of old school books and educational material, which partly was made by the teachers themselves.


Since 2017 Lavangsnes Wunderkammer contributes to rise the cultural and social activities at the old school house. We rent the second floor of the building as atelier and the first floor to organize art courses and exhibitions. To this events we always serve waffles and coffee.

In 2021 the school will be upgraded with a accessable entrance and a bathroom. Here we work together with Grendelaget «Skjold». The Norwegial Culture Council founds the upgrade.

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The upgrade of the school house with accessible entrance and bathroom is founded by: